Cliradex Towelettes Autoship

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$34.99 every 24 days

If you suffer from irritating eye conditions, such as Blepharitis, Ocular Rosacea, Dry Eye, Stys, and suspect Demodex, it is recommended that you use Cliradex for a minimum of 60 days. Receive Cliradex automatically every 24 days or so and at a discounted rate with free shipping. Auto-Ship makes it easy, and the more you buy the more you save! You can cancel anytime by calling 844-4-Cliradex.

Cliradex® Auto-Ship Program

After realizing the many benefits of using Cliradex, most people continue to use Cliradex to maintain that naturally fresh, healthy eyes feeling. Auto-Ship makes it easy to receive a new box of Cliradex right about the time you run out, or every 24 days.   If you would like to have Cliradex shipped to you automatically, please take advantage of our convenient auto-ship program.  You can cancel anytime and shipping is free.

“Cliradex really works. The application is simple and I really like the cooling effect. Cliradex is amazing because it gives you a feeling of freshness. Your eyes feel clear. It’s part of my daily routine…and I don’t need eye drops anymore. I can’t leave home without it.”
George M.
Santa Monica, California


Additional information

1 box = $40.99 ea., 2 boxes = $39.99 ea., 3 boxes = $38.99 ea., 4 boxes = $38.99 ea., 5 boxes = $37.99 ea., 6 boxes = $37.99 ea.