Doctor Referral Program

For Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Dermatologists that would like to partner and advertise Cliradex for the benefit of your patient.

Participation in the program is easy.

For Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Dermatologists that would like to partner and advertise Cliradex for the benefit of your patient.

Participation in the program is easy.


No Cliradex in your office…No Problem

For physicians who recommend great products and may not retail through their practices, here’s a brand-new way to recommend the purchase of Cliradex products to your patient without the need to carry stock.


  • Peace of mind that your patients are able to get the Cliradex solution that you highly recommend for blepharitis and demodex mite infestations.
  • 25% Professional Fee to you! For each sale driven via your website, Cliradex provides you with a professional fee.
  • Ongoing patient promotions: Additional patient discounts to increase your sales.
  • Large assortment of educational materials for your website or practice.


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How it works

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program. This guide outlines the different steps and processes to enroll.

Step 1 – Registration page

Please go to to access the registration form.

Complete the required fields.

Please note, we are also asking you to provide us a W9 to enable payment processing. Expect 2-3 business days for the approval process to be completed.

Step 2 – Email Pre-approval

Once you submit your registration, you will receive a pre-approval email to confirm receipt of your registration.

Our team is reviewing your application.

Step 3 – Email Approval

Once we accept your application, we will send you an approval email. In this email, you will have key information to access your portal and promote Cliradex to your patients.

Step 4 – Portal access:

Once approved, you will have access to your personal account at It will give you access to:

  • Visits and purchases made via your referrals
  • Access to Cliradex banners to use on your website
  • Access to marketing collaterals to promote Cliradex in your practice


How to Advertise Cliradex?

You have a few options to promote Cliradex:

1 – Online:

Advertising banners: In your portal, you will have access to online banners to add to your website. They are located under the tab “Creative.”
Custom URL: You can use your custom URL ( to promote Cliradex in any online media like Facebook, Twitter, and on any website.

2 – In your practice:

You will have a custom patient brochure to print and giveaway to your patients. It will be available in your approval email or on your portal.


Link to the Cliradex website, products and promotions using a variety of graphical banners.

  • Choose from a variety of standard banner sizes and shapes.
  • Include special seasonal promotions such as Back–to-School, Mother’s Day or Black Friday.

Download and print this brochure to give your patients. It contains the unique URL they need to use to visit It also offers your patient a discount for their next purchase.

Doctor’s Portal

This is an overview of the portal functionalities you will have access to.


This is a summary of all statistics regarding the visits and sales generated via your account.


These reports and graphs show all referrals (visits that converted into a sale). The graphs will list four different types of referrals:

  • Unpaid Referral Earnings – this is the quantity of approved referrals still to be paid
  • Pending Referral Earnings – this is the quantity of referrals that needs to approved
  • Rejected Referral Earnings – this is the quantity of referrals that have not been approved (i.e., cancellations)
  • Paid Referral Earnings – this is the quantity of referrals approved and paid


This is a summary of all visits that converted on It will give you a quick overview of their status (paid, unpaid, pending and rejected).


This is a list of all visits generated via your custom URL.


This is a list of advertising banners including your own custom link that connects to You can use these banners on all your online properties, such as your site and your social pages.

  • Choose from a variety of standard banner sizes and shapes.
  • Include special seasonal promotions such as Back-to-School, Mother’s Day or Black Friday.

Terms & Conditions

Updated: 6/21/2017

Welcome to the Cliradex website for physicians, where you can manage your affiliate marketing relationship with us.

Any person or entity that participates in our Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program must accept the following terms and conditions. By registering for or using the Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Site, you agree to these Conditions. The terms and conditions related to this program may be modified at any time and updated on the Cliradex website with a modification note. Participation in the Doctor Affiliate Program after its modification represents the implicit acceptance of the specified modifications.


The Doctor Affiliate Program permits you to monetize your website, social medias content, or online software application, by placing links to the website. The links must properly use the special “tagged” link formats we provide.

When our customers click through the physician (your) custom link to purchase an item sold on, you can receive program fees for qualifying purchases, as further described in (and subject to the limitations in) the Doctor Affiliate Program Fee Statement. In order to facilitate your advertisement of Cliradex, we may make available to you assets like data, images, text, link formats, widgets, links, marketing content and other linking tools, application program interfaces, and other information in connection with the Doctor Affiliate Program.


2.1 In order to join the Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program, the Affiliate must meet and fulfill the following stages:

2.1.1 Opening an account

The Affiliate must complete the application form accessible on the Cliradex website and accept the conditions of the Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program. Upon receipt of the application, we will analyze it, allocate a unique ID to the Affiliate (sole identification number in the Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program) and shall communicate to the Affiliate via email the login data of his/her account. The Affiliate will have an account accessible anytime through the Cliradex site using his/her email and password. The account allows the Affiliate to benefit from various functions of the Cliradex platform, explained below.

2.1.2 The approval

We will evaluate your application and notify you of its acceptance or rejection. We will determine suitability at our sole discretion.

Only after the receipt of approval, may the Affiliate promote on his site the Cliradex links for which the Affiliate has the right to receive the related commission.

2.2 Cliradex reserves the right to reject or cancel Affiliate for any reason. As an example, Cliradex shall reject or cancel the Affiliate account should it be established that the Affiliate site is not compatible with the Cliradex Affiliate Program or Policy, including:

Promotes material with explicit sexual content.
Promotes violence.
Promotes race, sex, gender, religion, nationality, physical disability, sexual orientation or age discrimination.
Promotes illegal activities.
Contains materials infringing or supporting third parties to infringe copyrights, mark or other forms of intellectual property or the applicable laws.
Includes “Cliradex” or their derivations or typing errors in the domain name.
Is in any way illegal, damaging, libelous, obscene, aggressive, racist or not corresponding to our principles.

2.3 In case the application of the Affiliate is accepted and the Affiliate site is subsequently declared as unacceptable for the Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program, Cliradex reserves the right to cancel the participation of the site in the Doctor Affiliate Program. The Affiliates that have been rejected from the Doctor Affiliate Program subsequent to their subscription are forbidden to return with an application for admission into the Doctor Affiliate Program.

2.4 On the Affiliate site can be posted a short description or other references, as well as images, graphic representations or texts for promoting the chosen and approved Cliradex links or materials. The Affiliate shall be solely liable for the content, appearance or placement of this information. The Affiliate shall display on his site the Unique Link generated through his Account in the Cliradex platform. Affiliates are not allowed to use automatic techniques to obtain these links. The Affiliate trying to use such techniques shall be rejected from the Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program and any of his commissions canceled. Only the links provided by Cliradex in the Affiliate account can be used for promoting the Items approved on the Cliradex platform.

2.5 The Affiliate is the only one liable for the development, operation and maintenance of his site and also for any material appearing on this site. Cliradex declines any responsibility in connection with the use of any materials other than those provided by Cliradex.

2.6 The Affiliate cannot make any official report or public comment in connection with this Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program or with his participation in the Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program, without prior written consent from Cliradex. The Affiliate can send an email to in order to get a written consent.

2.7 It is forbidden for the Affiliate to:

use non-requested email (spam), pop-ups, pop-under, exit pages as well as any other techniques obviously or secretly driving Clients to the Cliradex platform;
replace, intercept, interfere with, hinder, disrupt or otherwise alter a Client access, view or usage of the Affiliate site, a Link or a Vendor website, including without limitation any click-thru or track-based transaction.
advertise the Cliradex Vendor products or services employing cookie stuffing techniques including, but not limited to, pop-ups, frames, images, JavaScript or stylesheets.
place Links in any manner which may (intentionally or unintentionally) mislead any Client.
cause any use of a Link in bad faith or through fraudulent means, including, but not limited to, using any device, program, robot, inline frames, hidden frames or redirects.
use automatic redirection to Cliradex site or any automatic method for saving a cookie of an Affiliate.
use outbound / unsolicited calling techniques, can only promote/sell services through inbound calls.
sell services/products other than the object of the e-commerce transaction he is sending to Cliradex as a referral.
promote services through scare-ware sales tactics.
place live-orders through the Cliradex platform with customer/end-user payment credentials (card, PayPal, etc.), this requirement applies only if Affiliate is not PCI DSS Compliant; if Affiliate is PCI DSS Compliant, Affiliate will provide Cliradex with their AOC.


3.1 Once a patient accesses the Cliradex website via the Affiliate unique link (containing the Affiliate ID), Cliradex preserves the respective Affiliate ID for a variable period of time, between 30 and 180 calendar days, depending on the settings. Should the client/patient place an order within this period, Cliradex shall register the related commission in the Affiliate’s account. In order to generate a commission, it is necessary that the client/patient follows the Affiliate link from the Affiliate Site (or Patient Brochure), places an order, pays for the order made in full and for Cliradex to deliver and cash the value of such order. Orders which are not delivered, cashed or have Chargeback are not eligible to generate a commission.

3.2 Cliradex shall fulfill the orders placed by clients having followed the Affiliate links. Cliradex reserves the right to reject orders for any/no reason. Cliradex shall keep a record for clients having followed special links from the Affiliate site and these records shall be accessible in the Affiliate account together with other reports.

3.3 The value of the professional referral fee is listed in the physician portal and shall be applied to the total net value of the order sold through the Cliradex platform without sales taxes included. The establishment of the commission value for each Item shall be made according to section 2.1.2 and shall be pointed out in the Affiliate account/portal.

3.4 Cliradex shall pay the commission to the Affiliate in 30 days from the end of the reporting period for which the commission is due, by bank transfer or any other means agreed. The reporting period is quarterly.

Cliradex may pay the Affiliate, at his own discretion, according to the Reporting Periods, as follows:

Quarterly, if the Affiliate commission is higher than the minimum amount of $100 in the reporting period. If the amount does not reach the threshold, the sum of the commission will be carry over to the next period.

Yearly, for any Affiliate commission that didn’t qualify for Quarterly payments.

3.5 The commission is paid by Cliradex in order to satisfy payment obligations to the Affiliate. Should an order that had generated a commission for the Affiliate have a chargeback, this commission shall be deducted from the next commission owed to the Affiliate.

The clients/patients that buy products through the Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program become Cliradex’s customers and consequently, any terms and conditions applied shall be imposed to such clients.

The value of the commission granted to the Affiliate is confidential, and the infringement of this obligation by the Affiliate may lead to compensation according to damage.


4.1 The Affiliate agrees to have reviewed and approved this Doctor Affiliate Program and that Cliradex offers no guarantee of any kind. The parties agree that this Program shall be approved by the Affiliate by with his registration in the Doctor Affiliate Program.

4.2 Cliradex holds the legal right regarding the Cliradex Site and the present Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program.

4.3 The participation of an Affiliate on the Cliradex Doctor Affiliate Program may be terminated without any reason by Cliradex with a written request sent by email with at least 10-day notice. The commission earned and due will be paid within maximum six months from the termination.

4.4 Cliradex reserves the right, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to monitor all electronic communications for content violating the Cliradex Affiliate Network and store such messages in a manner and at a location within Cliradex discretion. Any message, inbound or outbound, violating the Cliradex Affiliate Network may not be delivered at Cliradex discretion.

4.5 Any litigation between parties shall be solved amicably, and if this is not possible, the case will be forwarded to the authorized courts of law from Miami, Florida, United States. The law applicable to the present agreement is the Florida law.

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