The Business Impact of Offering Cliradex in Your Practice – Part 2

cliradex in your medical practice

In part two of her series, Patti Barkey, CEO, Bowden Eye & Associates discusses how Cliradex has impacted their practice efficiency and clinical outcomes and other ways it has impacted their business and bottom line. If you missed it, read part one of this series here.


Q: How does the protocol you follow help with practice efficiency and clinical outcomes?

A: We learned early on that if we just do the BlephEx treatment in the office, and send the patient home with Cliradex; we had some drop out issues.  However, by demonstrating how to use Cliradex towelettes and providing the initial product, that seems to create more practice efficiency and patient compliance.

Q: Does Cliradex get to the “root issue” of killing the mites versus other treatments that just manage symptoms?

A: Cliradex contains 4-Terpineol (T4O), which helps eliminate inflammation and eradicate Demodex mites. Studies show that conventional treatment methods, such as baby shampoo and antibiotics, are not effective in killing Demodex mites. Cliradex hits the mark and works on the root cause and its associated symptoms such as inflammation.

Q: When a patient is diagnosed with Demodex, do you make any other recommendations?

A: If the patient has another family member with them at the time of the visit, particularly a spouse, we will recommend that we examine their lashes as well. Typically with spouses, chances are both of them will have it. From a business standpoint, this means we will have double the treatment and product going out of the office.

Q: Have you gotten referrals and new patients by offering Cliradex?

A: While Demodex isn’t contagious (outside of spousal or related relationships), it’s an awareness issue. Many people aren’t aware of Demodex, so it helps to create a discussion and educate patients about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Q: In what other ways has Cliradex impacted your business and revenue?

A: When patients present symptoms associated with blepharitis, most likely he/she has been suffering for some time or has dealt with multiple breakouts. Therefore, what they are really looking for is symptom relief and a more permanent solution. In our practice, we offer only the highest quality products; and we educate patients on the benefits of following doctor recommended treatments. Achieving patient satisfaction is dependent on a long-term solution. Offering an effective treatment like Cliradex in the office, as well as selling it for patients to bring home, impacts our business and bottom line really well.


By Patti Barkey, CEO, Bowden Eye & Associates

Patti Barkey, who is a Certified Ophthalmic Executive (COE), is Chief Executive Officer for Bowden Eye & Associates in Jacksonville, Florida, where she manages 4 locations and the areas only single specialty eye surgery center. She is also currently the Director of Dry Eye University ( and Dry Eye Partners, both of which help other practices with the successful and efficient implementation of Dry Eye care within their practices. Patti was recently elected to the ASOA Board of Directors and is proud to represent the organization.

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