Preventing Eyelid Infections

When people think about good hygiene, how many of us ever think about how we clean and protect our eyes and eyelids with good eyelid hygiene? Today, everyone knows to take good care of their teeth and most of us maintain our oral hygiene by brushing twice or three times daily because the consequences of not doing so are well known. What most people do not realize is that eyelid hygiene is also very important, and there are consequences when you do not pay attention to your eyes.

Some people have been blessed by never having to deal with any issues with their eyes. Sadly, most of us are not as lucky and so we need to understand why our eyes must be protected. Anyone who has experienced the frustration and suffering that results from dry eyes understands the consequences. They know about all the annoying symptoms associated with dry eyes and are used to seeing red eyes in the mirror and feeling the pain of having itchy eyes that they cannot scratch.

Although most of us take our eyelids for granted, eyelids are actually pretty complex. Our eyelids have hair follicles, two different types of skin, and several glands which are all responsible for keeping your cornea nourished, clear and comfortable. Good eyelid hygiene is important to prevent eyelid infection and maintain a healthy ocular surface.

Despite how important eyelids are for keeping your vision clear and making sure that the eyes are protected, people do not take the time to properly clean them and lid-margin disease as well as other ocular surface diseases can develop.

Lid-margin diseases are typically the result of an overgrowth of bacteria, thickening and accumulation of oily secretions, accumulation of dead skin cells, or due to inflammation occurring at the base of the eyelashes. Neglecting to regularly wash and cleanse eyelids daily can also allow eyelids to become home to parasites which can cause infections and result in dry eye or blepharitis.

How to Maintain Good Eye Hygiene

In order to keep your eyes clean and prevent blepharitis, dry eye, and an assortment of other undesirable eyelid infections, old fashioned soap and water is not enough. You need something which has been specially designed to clean your eyelids and formulated to prevent these eyelid ailments. We recommend Cliradex Light, an advanced foaming eyelid cleanser which was developed to give people an everyday solution for maintaining their ocular health. It’s so easy to use and portable. Contact us today to learn how we can help you have naturally fresh, healthy eyes.