Advice on Caring For Your Glasses

Tips On Caring For Your Glasses

The National Institutes of Health reports that 14 million individuals in the country are visually impaired to some degree. Many people who wear glasses, however, may not give much consideration as to how to properly clean their glasses. Often, people rely on their shirt to clean their glasses. The danger of not properly cleaning your glasses is that you are more likely to experience eye irritation if your glasses lenses are dirty. One of the reasons why poorly cleaned glasses increases your chances of eye irritation is that bacteria left on your glasses will transfer into your eyes. This article will review some important steps that you can follow to properly care for your glasses.

How To Properly Handle Your Glasses

How To Properly Handle Your Glasses

If you are handling your glasses, it is best to pick them up by the frames while using both hands. You should avoid touching the lenses or placing any type of undue pressure on them. You should place your glasses upside down so that the bridge is closest to whatever surface you place them on. This helps to avoid scratching.

What To Avoid When Cleaning Your Glasses

It is important that you never use tissues or your shirt to clean your glasses. They often carry particles of dust or dirt which can be rubbed into the lenses and result in small scratches. Even the smallest of scratches on glasses can create difficulty in properly maintaining acute vision. Small scratches also cause light to disperse which can irritate your eyes.

Properly Store Your Glasses

Properly Clean Your Glasses

Failure to properly store your glasses can result in them being damaged. Place your glasses in a hard case whenever you are not wearing them. If you do not have a hard case, it is best to place your glasses in a safe and secured location with the lenses pointed upwards. It is also important to store your glasses in the right conditions.

Properly Clean Your Glasses

It is a wise idea to wash your glasses once a day to avoid accumulation of bacteria and other harmful substances. You should use soap, water, and either a microfiber cloth or paper towel to clean your glasses. It is important to understand that a more thorough cleaning is not always the best. It is important to avoid breaking down the material on your frames. You should follow the following steps when cleaning your glasses`:

  • To start, make sure to wash your hands properly to remove any potential irritants that you might transfer to your lenses.
  • Place your glasses under lukewarm tap water, which will help to remove any debris that might have collected on your glasses. In the same way that you should not place your glasses in hot temperatures, it is important to avoid hot water.
  • Place a small dollop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid on each lens.
  • Rub both sides of your lenses for several seconds making sure to clean each part of your glasses.
  • Rinse your glasses thoroughly. Failure to properly remove the dishwashing soap can cause smearing on your glasses lenses.
  • Shake your glasses to remove water that collects on them.
  • Dry your glasses with a clean and lint-free towel.
  • After wiping your glasses, examine your lens to determine whether any smudges remain.

Professional Cleaning

It is often very helpful to obtain a professional cleaning to make sure that glasses remain in good condition. Professionals may have access to ultrasonic cleaning systems. They are also able to make small adjustments to the glasses frames as well as replace nose pads to make sure that a person’s glasses are restored to their best possible condition. A good rule of thumb is to take your glasses to a professional cleaner once each year. An automatic eyeglass cleaner utilizes both ultrasound as well as chemicals with a special solution to clean your glasses. Ultrasound cleaning involves bubbles that are created by high frequency pressure wave to agitate the liquid. This very thorough cleaning process is able to remove particles that would remain on the glasses during even the most thorough hand-cleaning.

Using Products that Reduce Irritation Caused By Glasses

Many eye care professionals have hailed Cliradex products as revolutionary in their ability to reduce the effects of eye irritation

Glasses tend to get dirty often. Maintenance can often be an afterthought when just using the glasses. While regular cleaning can help, bacteria and other microbes are readily transferred from glasses into your eye region. If you do notice eye irritation or any other type of agitation caused by your glasses, it is important to immediately consult with an eye care professional. In the interim, it can help to have the assistance of products on hand that can reduce these symptoms. Many eye care professionals have hailed Cliradex products as revolutionary in their ability to reduce the effects of eye irritation, while many patients found that our products help reduce eye irritation in a manner that few other products can. One of the most unique aspects of our towelettes and Cliradex Light is that the products contain natural ingredients, which many people find much less abrasive than other products that contain chemicals.