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Introducing Cliradex®- the next generation, preservative free lash, eyelid and facial cleanser derived from key constituents of Melaleuca Alternifolia, a special variety of tea tree oil.

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Cliradex®, the next generation in daily lid, eyelash and facial cleanser is here!

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  • The video to the left is a compilation of physician and patient testimonials. Individual testimonies can also be viewed here by scrolling below or they can be seen in the Testimonials section of this site.

  • I suffered from chronic, inflamed eyes for 15-20 years. I tried everything, including steroids and surgery, but nothing worked. Cliradex gave me my life back.

    Richard Lucas Windsor
  • In 34 years of practice, Cliradex is probably the best product I have come across. Cliradex treats the problem. We are now able to help so many other patients that we weren’t able to help before. An absolutely amazing product.

    Mark Galvan, O.D.
  • I felt very happy, really excited when I saw that Cliradex was working in helping clear out my irritated eye lids and dry eyes – a problem I have had for over 15 years. I didn’t expect to have such drastic results from a wipe. I’m 100% satisfied with Cliradex.

    Stephanie Nolan
  • I would prescribe Cliradex to patients who have eyelid disease. It is the #1 choice for mild, moderate and severe lid disease and should be the first plan of treatment. It has changed the scope of my practice.

    Scott Hasty, OD
  • I’ve had a problem with my eyes since I was 10 or 11 years old. They were sensitive to the sun, always red and tired, and the condition got worse as I got older. My doctor gave me Cliradex and I noticed an immediate improvement. I feel like I’m getting a mini spa treatment when I put it on. I am very impressed with the results of Cliradex.

    Lili Galvan
  • Mites are fairly common and sometimes cause tremendous problems with blepharitis, chronic redness and irritation. Now that we have Cliradex we’ve got an effective treatment for the mite infestation – it solves the problem and makes it go away.

    Kevin Waltz, OD, MD
  • For a year and a half, I suffered from swelling, redness, scaling and cracking skin… I tried everything. Cliradex is magic…it’s gentle, soothing, safe and it works. Pure amazement!

    Jennifer Moore
  • When I see a patient with stubborn Blepharitis… I insist on them using Cliradex…Cliradex gets to the crux of the problem. I confidently recommend Cliradex and expect excellent results.

    Neda Shamie, MD
  • Cliradex really works. The application is simple and I really like the cooling effect. Cliradex is amazing because it gives you a feeling of freshness. Your eyes feel clear. It’s part of my daily routine…and I don’t need eye drops anymore. I can’t leave home without it.

    George Merino
  • Millions of people in the United States have blepharitis or eyelid inflammation…it is very common. Until recently, we could only treat the symptoms. Cliradex allows us to confidently treat these patients… and in a few weeks we can typically reverse their symptoms, and its natural and safe for long-term use.

    Damon Dierker, OD
  • I would wake up in the middle of the night with the feeling like I had sand in my eyes, it was very painful. My doctor had me on prescription medication, which wasn’t giving me any relief. Then I was introduced to Cliradex and got instant relief…it is amazing!

    Mike Schackel
  • Traditional treatments for Blepharitis weren’t working. We didn’t know that there were little mites that live at the base of the eye lashes. Those mites are called Demodex. The only treatment for Demodex is Cliradex…so our office has stopped carrying the other products. Cliradex treats the problem, not just the symptoms.

    Lisa Moon, OD
  • I have very dry eyes and had difficulty wearing contacts… I had to use eye drops throughout the day just to manage. Now that I have been using Cliradex, I can wear contacts all day with no problem and I don’t need to use eye drops anymore. Cliradex is a miracle worker.

    Colleen Koestner
  • I had really bad crusty eyes and I tried everything. Nothing has worked like Cliradex. After a week, I no longer needed eye drops. I love the smell of Cliradex and really enjoy the tingling, cooling sensation. I love Cliradex because it’s derived from nature, it works and it’s so simple to use.

    Alexandra Lovelace